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Thread: Spam marked as BAYES_00

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    Default Spam marked as BAYES_00

    I see that a lot of spam messages on my system are coming though as BAYES_00
    Most of these are obviously spam, so I do not see how it could get the BAYES_00 score.

    What can I do to debug or retrain to fix this problem?

    I have read a few posts about this but they all seem to be for older versions and do not apply to me.

    we are running 5.0.9

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    I have go through all the wiki pages about spam and as far as I can tell zmtrainsa is working fine. sa-learn does not display any errors and displays some results when I tell it to display the bayes data.

    A lot of spam messages do get marked correctly with BAYES_99 but a lot also get BAYES_00
    It just seems like something is off, but as far as I can tell everything is working correctly.

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