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Thread: [SOLVED] Authentication of Plone to Zimbra OpenLDAP

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    Default [SOLVED] Authentication of Plone to Zimbra OpenLDAP


    Can Anyone tell me where can I find something about the Zimbra OpenLDAP and Plone Integration.

    I try to configure LDAP connection with the following setting:

    LDAP server type : LDAP
    rDN attribute: cn
    user id attribute: uid
    login name attribute: cn
    LDAP object classes: pilotPerson??
    Bind DN: cn=config,dc=mydomain
    Bind password:
    Base DN for users: ou=people,dc=mydomain
    Search scope for users: subtree
    Base DN for groups: ou=groups,dc=mydomain
    Search scope for groups : subtree

    But I get the error: failed to authenticate to LDAP !!

    Thank in advance



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    I have solved!!!

    The problem was due to the LDAP object classes.

    This field is subtle but very important. You should fill it with all of the LDAP object classes that you will use in Plone and that make up your user objects in your Directory. I have solved by filling this ones:


    After this configuration,you have to set the LDAP schema Attribute, in the ZopeManagementInterface accordingly.

    I have added this ones:

    cn Canonical Name fullname No
    mail Email address email No
    sn Last Name No
    uid User id No
    ZimbraAccountStatus ZimbraAccountStatus No
    zimbraId ZimbraId

    It was simple

    Regards Elisa

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