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Thread: Repeated IM buddy requests from server

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    Unhappy Repeated IM buddy requests from server

    Hey all, I've been having an issue since soon after updating to 5.0.10. It seems that all users who sign into the ZWC are getting repeated buddy requests from the server. Not another user, but the server itself.

    " wants to add you as a buddy. Accept?"

    This keeps appearing no matter which option you dismiss the dialog with (accept and add, accept, deny). I get it myself every time I sign in, even when I sleep my laptop and awaken it with an active Zimbra session. This is happening in all client web browsers. It doesn't appear to have any adverse effect on performance of the web client, but it does get annoying for the users.

    mark daniel | actc
    zcs 6 ose | mac pro | mac os x server 10.4.11

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    Same issue here. Have you filled a bug in the bugzilla ?
    3 Release 5.0.16_GA_2313.UBUNTU6 Network edition
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