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Thread: Little OT, backup script

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    Default Little OT, backup script


    Sorry if this is a little OT.

    If it is and you can point me in the right direction, i'd appreciate it.


    I've a backup script which is as best I can tell, is like a MIRROR, with reverse DIFF using robocopy.

    Each weekday night, I copy files with archive attribute set to a folder called %date%., using the /M switch i clear the attribute flag.

    After that I update a folder called MIRROR with a /mir of the source.

    So in my backup folder, i have MIRROR and a list of dated folders.

    This is good because I have an up to date copy of the source with only changed files for each day that passes, which due to the small size, could go back a long time.

    However I have seen a potential problem, in that if someone accidentally deletes a file, which was not archived in the folders, %date% and they come to me several days after the deletion, the file will be gone, since the /mir to MIRROR will not have it.

    I used to do rotating /mir of the source files to get around this, but since the source is 40gb+, 5 days means 200gb+

    Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this?

    Once again, sorry for being OT and thanks for the help in here with my ZIMBRA OSS 5.0.10 installation and backup scripts.

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