Some time back, I followed CLI zmtlsctl to set Web Server Mode - Zimbra :: Wiki to set my mode to "redirect". While doing some tcpdumping, I just happened to notice that this is apparently not happening in a few places, and non-SSL traffic is getting through. Specifically. if I go to:, I get redirected to

However, if I hit either of these next two URLs, I don't get redirected and in fact the calendar path prompts for a username and password without SSL: => password prompt => the expected 405 error, but no redirection or SSL-related error

I've even confirmed that I have the REDIRECT blocks in zimbra.web.xml and zimbraAdmin.web.xml:

        <web-resource-name>force https</web-resource-name>
mailboxd has definitely been restarted since running zmtlsctl, so I'm not sure what is going on...