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Thread: Increase attachment size

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    Default Increase attachment size


    I want to increase the attachment size of a specific user.
    If it is not possible then as per my under standing i can change the attachment size with the following way, please let me know if i am wrong.

    #zmprov gacf | grep zimbraFileUploadMaxSize
    zimbraFileUploadMaxSize: 10485760
    #zmprov mcf zimbraFileUploadMaxSize 15728640
    #zmprov gacf | grep zimbraFileUploadMaxSize
    zimbraFileUploadMaxSize: 15728640

    Please let me know if it will work perfectly and there will be no need to restart the server and every thing is working fine.

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    Just FYI as of 5.0.6+ Bug 27610 – Use zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize exclusively for mail, and use zimbraFileUploadMaxSize for docs/briefcase

    To check current values:
    su - zimbra
    global: zmprov gacf | grep Size
    server: zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep Size

    To set:
    global: zmprov mcf zimbraAttributeTochange value
    server: zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraAttributeToChange value

    (Allow 10-30% larger than the actual files for MIME conversion.)

    Depending on what you've adjusted you may need to refresh configs/individual services like 'postfix reload', zmmtactl, or 'zmmailboxdctl restart' of course zmcontrol stop-start will take care of it all.

    <attr id="198" name="zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize" type="integer" min="0" cardinality="single" optionalIn="globalConfig">
    <desc>Value for postconf message_size_limit</desc>

    <attr id="227" name="zimbraFileUploadMaxSize" type="long" cardinality="single" optionalIn="globalConfig,server" flags="serverInherited">
    <desc>Maximum size in bytes for attachments</desc>

    <attr id="557" name="zimbraSoapRequestMaxSize" type="integer" min="0" cardinality="single" optionalIn="globalConfig,server" flags="serverInherited">
    <desc>Maximum size in bytes for incoming SOAP requests. 0 means no limit.</desc>

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