I have gone through the documentation and somehow I am missing something. I am testing a building level disaster recovery, this test involves: 1ea brand new hardware loaded with RHEL4, 1 backup tape containing the last full backup run by zmbackup -f -a all -t /some/path, and the tar ball of the Zimbra I am currently running zcs-NETWORK-3.0.1_GA_160.RHEL4.tgz.
I am going live soon and need to get this process documented before I do, I have tried it a few times and gotten partial results but not a full operational server. Does somebody have the steps documented any where? Using the backup documentation is leaving me a little confused as to how to install Zimbra in this scenario in relation to starting Zimbra or not, restoring the LDAP and so on. I am kind of running out of time to figure this out and get all the other things done to switch over to the new server.