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    BlackJack Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Configure Pop3

    Hi all,

    I have installed the Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS version of Zimbra.

    All ok

    But now I want to configure zimbra to receive email from a domain (ex:

    in DNS settings of i set my static public IP and in firewall i set this ip with ports 110 and 25 to my internal ip.

    So, wich are the configuration steps to receive email in this domain?

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    You will need to set the MX record for the domain so that other email server know where to direct the mail.

    I recommend reviewing the documentation available here: Documentation for the Zimbra Collaboration Suite; open source email, contacts, and group calendaring

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    BlackJack Guest


    Thanks for reply. This is my situation now:

    - Aruba domain:
    - DNS: mx = my public ip (static)

    - Society:
    -Firewall (110, 25, 389 open port on public ip to internal ip)
    -Zimbra server with 2 domain (don't ask me why i set this XD)

    So I sand mail but don't receive

    Witch other settings i must set..?

    Thx for support
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    You need to do this: Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki


    Acompli: A new adventure for Co-Founder KevinH.

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    BlackJack Guest


    All ok, now i can receive mail and sand

    Now i would like to set an account in thunderbird(or outlook).

    Which is the name o pop3 and smtp?

    my server domain is (not

    So which pop3 and smtp to set in client like thunderbird and outlook?

    Thanks a lot

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    Whatever the name of the server is ? So if the MX points too that will be the server name you use for POP3 and SMTP in your preferred mail client.

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    BlackJack Guest


    x example:

    my domain is
    its ip is

    aruba dns settings:

    smtp: aruba ip (i want so)

    firewall listen port forward (25, 110, 398) to

    server name is mail-srv

    zimbra server name:

    my pop3 is:

    there is a command to know it?

    PS: tool for importing .pst file is fantastic

    PPS: I think there is a bug in advanced version of zimbra webmail. When I compose new email and click on To: button, I can't browse contacts, only with html version.
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    So set your POP3/SMTP connection to be As your server is on a Private IP and you are using portforwarding on your firewall when you are connecting from inside you LAN you would be better setting up a Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki architecture so that you will resolve your internal IP for the ZCS server and not the external.

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    BlackJack Guest


    Ok, now is all ok

    I can sand and receive email to mai domain.

    Now I'm trying to add an another domain and set to it an external smtp. I've read that there is a bug to add it.

    But no problem, this is not a big problem for now. Thx to all.

    Marked solved

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