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Thread: Deploy-undeploy problem. Help!

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    Default Deploy-undeploy problem. Help!

    First off, I'm not our system admin. Made my first foray into js today and created a zimlet. Have Zimbra desktop on my local machine for testing and it worked fine within it. Zipped up the goods and sent to admin to deploy. He deployed and it didn't work at all in web based Zimbra. He then undeployed it. Now the original YMaps, YLocal, StarExpert and ContactCleaner zimlets are not functional. The other two shown (see image)are all XML and still functional.

    Need to know what to tell him to do. He's busy as crap right now so can't dig around. Mail is functional. I just want to get everything back to normal before proceeding.

    From reading around here it seems that the undeploy can leave the zimlet on system. This from another post, describing what to do after undeploy:

    "Examine your /opt/zimbra/mailboxd/webapps/service/zimlet/ folder & remove com_zimbra_xxxxxx as necessary"

    Thanks for any help. I'm pretty desperate.


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    su - zimbra;
    zmprov fc zimlet;
    zmmailboxdctl stop;
    rm -rf /opt/zimbra/jetty/work/;
    zmmailboxdctl start;

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    I'll pass that on to the admin. I'm sure he'll know what the heck it means!

    Thanks much!
    Geography is where it's at!

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