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Thread: [SOLVED] Posix - secondary groups are not working.

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    Default [SOLVED] Posix - secondary groups are not working.

    In Zimbra 5.0.10, using the Posix LDAP authentications instructions via wiki

    Secondary or supplementary groups, are not working for me. When a user logs in he only inherits the primary group set in the users posix account settings, there is no way to set secondary groups here.

    You can create groups and set memberUID under posix groups, but it doesn't appear to work for me. The users shell does not pick it up on login.

    Also there is another problem.

    When creating a group under posix groups, if you do not add at least two memberUID fields. After you save it, it will only display one number per line with the remove button just after it. (and you can't remove or change them, although you can fix the UI it in the LDAP by adding a second.)

    Example of UI problem:
    Set the MemberID of a group to 50001 it will produce a graphical list of. [text box] (button)
    Member id: 
    [5] (-)
    [0] (-)
    [0] (-)
    [0] (-)
    [1] (-)
    It should be
    Member id:
    [50001] (-)
    I have no idea if they are related..
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    Ok I figured this out.. The Zimlet is broken.

    You'll have to use a ldap browser to set secondary groups like this. (I used luma)


    memberUid = a NAME (uid), not a number.

    The Zimlet will not allow you to enter in a name only a number. I don't know if a bug needs to be filed on this.
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