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Thread: Sharing Calendar as Calendar AND Task list - what do you think?

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    Default Sharing Calendar as Calendar AND Task list - what do you think?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm playing around with a Zimbra install using Thunderbird, Lightning and Zindus client setup (this is my first post to the forums yay!). I have looked around the forums and cant find anything quite like what I am looking for - so new thread time (sorry if im duplicating another post or am in the wrong place, I dont think I am).

    I discovered something interesting, and I wanted to see what the more knowledgeable Zimbra community thinks on this.

    First off some explanation. In TB/Lightning, every calendar has an associated "Task list". Tasks in the task list and calendar events are distinctly separate. When you link to a remote Calendar on a Zimbra server, Lightning allows you to view/edit the calendar events on the remote calendar. But you can also add tasks to the task list of the remote calendar, which are then not visible to anyone in the webmail view also sharing the calendar. The task list for the shared calendar is visible however to other TB/Lightning clients.

    My understanding so far (unless I have it wrong) - is that to get shared task list in TB you set it up as another remote calendar. SO - if you want to share a Zimbra calendar AND a separate Zimbra task list, you would effectively then have in Thunderbird 2 Calendars - the "calendar" one with a TB task list that is invisible to the webmail view, and the "Task list" one with a TB calendar that is invisible in webmail view as well (you cant specify different URLs for the tasks and calendar parts under one TB remote calendar).

    Then I found that you can actually share a calendar as a task list! (using zmmailbox - i tried and it worked!). This means I just need to have ONE shared calendar, and then just share this as a TASK LIST also, so both aspects can be visible to users in webmail view (the tasks part as the "shared tasks" share, the calendar part as the "shared calendar" share). In TB this would then only be one calendar that pulls through the tasks and calendar items. And everything would be visible in both TB and webmail view. I assume that this means the server is storing both task and appointment items in the same folder, and just showing the relevant items for each 'view' of the share.


    The above setup means I have shared a calendar as a task list to users who need to see this in web view. Can anyone see any potential problems with this? It seems to work fine, and its benefit is having only one calendar in TB and not having data added by TB users which cannot be seen by webmail users.

    I hope this makes sense to someone, I dont want to deploy the server only to find out problems with this later on, but this approach does seem tidier given the way TB/Lightning calendars work.

    Has anyone else done something similar or have any views to share on this approach?? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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