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Thread: [SOLVED] Safari 3.2 -> Internal server error

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    Default [SOLVED] Safari 3.2 -> Internal server error

    We just upgrade a couple of our web browsers to Safari 3.2 on Mac OS X Intel (from Safari 3.1). When we now access our ZCS 5.0.10 Open Source edition with these browsers we get:

    Internal Server Error

    The server has encountered an internal error.
    This only happens on Safari 3.2. Using Safari 3.1, or Firefox 3.0.4 or Firefox 2.x does not cause this problem.
    The server is setup to handle Mixed HTTP/HTTPS traffic. (HTTPS for login.)

    How do I go about trouble shooting this error?
    What log files should I look in to see what goes wrong on the server side?
    Has anyone else seen this problem, or is it specific to our installation?
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