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Thread: Proxy Upgrade - http no longer works only https

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    Default Proxy Upgrade - http no longer works only https

    I upgraded my proxy server from 5.0.10 to 5.0.11 and now have the following problem:

    2008/11/23 20:03:58 [info] 5782#0: *11326 client sent plain HTTP request to HTTPS port while reading client request headers, client:, server: zmproxy1.ourdomain, URL: "/service/soap/", host: "newmail.ourdomain"

    I get 400 errors when trying to access the web interface unless I connect with https.

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    I just did an upgrade as well, and my settings seem OK. I don't think there's anything within the zimbra domain for this, but for the proxy & mailbox:

    Here's what I have (allows 80 & 443) --- not sure these are the best settings!!

    [zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l gs | grep -i http
    zimbraHttpNumThreads: 250
    zimbraHttpSSLNumThreads: 50
    zimbraMailMode: http
    zimbraReverseProxyHttpEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraReverseProxyMailMode: http
    [zimbra@zproxy ~]$

    [zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l gs zimbraReverseProxyMailEnabled
    # name
    zimbraReverseProxyMailEnabled: TRUE
    [zimbra@zproxy ~]$

    #Mailbox server
    [zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l gs zimbraReverseProxyLookupTarget zimbraReverseProxyMailEnabled zimbraMailMode

    # name
    zimbraMailMode: http
    zimbraReverseProxyLookupTarget: TRUE
    zimbraReverseProxyMailEnabled: FALSE

    [zimbra@zproxy ~]$

    Additional Information:
    Working with Zimbra Proxy

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