I'm using 5.0.11 NE in a lab with the following:

Zimbra Proxy zproxy.example.org

Zimbra Mailbox Server on mbx1.example.org

Zimbra Mailbox Server on mbx2.example.org

zimbra-ose.example.org is the domain for my test users

the default CoS is assigned to zimbra-ose.example.org

When I create users, Zimbra auto selects which mailbox server to assign the new user. I started noticing some users not working, and after looking closer, all these users were assigned to the Zimbra Proxy as their Mailbox Server!

Below is a quick for loop creating the users, and displaying the zimbraMailHost:

[zimbra@zproxy ~]$ for a in `seq 10 30`
> do
> zmprov -l ca ${a}@zimbra-ose.example.org test123
> zmprov -l ga ${a}@zimbra-ose.example.org zimbraMailHost
> done

# name 10@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx1.example.org

# name 11@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx1.example.org

# name 12@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx2.example.org

# name 13@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx1.example.org

# name 14@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx1.example.org

# name 15@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx2.example.org

# name 16@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx2.example.org

# name 17@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: zproxy.example.org

# name 18@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: zproxy.example.org

# name 19@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx2.example.org

# name 20@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx1.example.org

# name 21@zimbra-ose.example.org
zimbraMailHost: mbx2.example.org


I looked closer, and zmprov gc default shows three zimbraMailHostPools!

# display zimbraMailHostPool's for default CoS
[zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l gc default zimbraMailHostPool
# name default
zimbraMailHostPool: 5cd57206-b2b5-49d2-b6a5-c78ba12c0bac
zimbraMailHostPool: 870d1d05-8b0e-4d12-994e-79d21dd812c8
zimbraMailHostPool: 733a7fcf-d0b6-410d-833d-f9c2218771a9
[zimbra@zproxy ~]$

Sure enough, my zproxy.example.org is listed:

# display zimbraId for zproxy
[zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l gs zproxy.example.org zimbraId
# name zproxy.example.org
zimbraId: 870d1d05-8b0e-4d12-994e-79d21dd812c8

I fixed it manually by typing:

# Remove Proxy from default CoS
[zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l mc default -zimbraMailHostPool 870d1d05-8b0e-4d12-994e-79d21dd812c8

# zproxy zimbraService's
[zimbra@zproxy ~]$ zmprov -l gs zproxy.example.org | grep -i zimbraService

zimbraServiceEnabled: stats
zimbraServiceEnabled: imapproxy
zimbraServiceHostname: zproxy.example.org
zimbraServiceInstalled: imapproxy
zimbraServiceInstalled: stats
[zimbra@zproxy ~]$


Each time I create a CoS, my proxy server is automatically listed in the CoS zimbraMailHostPool.
The only way to completely stop this is to remove the proxy from the default CoS - then all newly created CoS's are OK. Is this a bug?

If this is considered a bug, please let me know!