Hey guys

I have my new Zimbra Mail Server set up, working well!!

However i have a slight problem with domain names.

Externally i can access the server through mail.mydomain.com

However internally this pings to the same address (external address) but i cant access the server, it wont resolve it at all.

I have a DNS server internally that i use to forward all external traffic. I think i need to set up a reverse DNS?

The reason for this is that people on Laptops need the domain name set up in their client settings that resolves to the server whether internally or externally without their input. So when they are internal the DNS points them to the local IP and when they are external using another DNS it points externally.

I can set up a DNS record on the DNS server but this takes the whole domain, so i have to create a record for everything, but all i want to do is point mail.mydomain.com to a local IP

Can anyone help me?