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    Default Backup purge period

    With ZSC 5.0.x, my backups are being kept for one month, and then are auto-purged. How can this auto-purge rotation period be extended?

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    You can find information about backups here: Backup and Restore

    You can see your current backup scheme using zmschedulebackup -q.

    The f line indicates the full backups, the i the incrementals, and the d is for the deletion.

    For the time out before the deletion of the backups, you can specify either in days (d), months (m), or years (y).

    The command to change it will resemble something like this:
    zmschedulebackup -R f “0 1 * * 7” i “0 1 * * 1-6” d 7d “0 0 * * *”
    The number and letter between the d and the quotation marks (7d in the example) will specify how long before the backups will be deleted. So in your case you may want something like 2m for two months, or 1y for one year, etc.

    Note that you will need to put in the full and incremental data even if you're just changing the deletion option.

    And don't worry if you lose the default config, it's as easy as typing zmschedulebackup -D to get it back.

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    Default Thanks for the quick response!

    Thanks for replying to my post so quickly. Yet another reason to love Zimbra.

    I had been looking at the PDF admin guide, which showed the zmschedule backup switch, but didn't comment on how to use it. Next time I'll stick to Web documentation.

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