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Thread: 5.0.11 conflict Standard HTML, zimbraChildAccount

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    Default 5.0.11 conflict Standard HTML, zimbraChildAccount

    After upgrading from 5.0.10 to 5.0.11, accounts with zimbraChildAccount/zimbraPrefChildVisibleAccount set according to zimbrablog entry Mailboxes: Sharing vs. Relationships no longer have the "Standard version" link in the upper right.

    Is this reproducible? Intentional?

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    If you want css/html/tag file changes let me know, but you could probably just modify switchToOfflineClientEx in the to contain 2 links with &nspb; or | for space etc.

    switchToOfflineClientEx = <a href='' target='_blank'>Learn about the offline version</a>
    (Actually I seem to remember you not wanting the offline link so just point it at /zimbra/?client=standard or /h/ )


    Why? Probably a combination of the fact that family mailboxes aren't implemented in the HTML client yet (Didn't want people 'confused'? Or we started parent/child accounts as a special project for a particular client that didn't want the html link?). Plus we were doing a bunch with Zimbra Desktop stuff; maybe we were planning a connection toggle for that area as we called it skin_td_switch_offline? Or possibly because you can't use the html client in Zimbra Desktop (it was there once, we removed it, but added it again mainly for print views).

    Feel free to go ahead and file a bug/rfe to show both standard & offline links when using family mailboxes. (People can understand when a feature won't be in the lite client, and we do show it when in a parent account for the yahoo skin anyways - though it's a slightly different layout of course.)
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