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Thread: Default SMTP/Relaying Policy

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    Default Default SMTP/Relaying Policy


    Just installed Zimbra on test server (previously had Postfix on SuSE 10 with ClamAV/SpamAssassin), and would like to move all existing accounts here. Got few questions and did not found answer in admin manual.

    1) What is the default relaying policy for e-mail non-web clients (AppleMail, KMail, Outlook)? Relay mail only from current domain (connected from local network)? How to turn on smtp authentification for clients connected from the outside (especially important for ntebook users)?

    2) What are the supported authentification methods for pop (cram-md5, apop, whatever else)?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s).

    PS. Please consider to move this topic to admin manual. I will not be alone asking this.

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    1) Same as postfix. mynetworks only. You can enable various auth settings in the admin UI.

    2) See the admin UI it has the options that are available.
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