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Thread: Forwarding versus redirecting?

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    Default Forwarding versus redirecting?


    I'm new to Zimbra and have a question to which I hope there's a simple answer that I just can't find.

    When I setup a user's account and specify a forwarding address, messages are "forwarded" but not in a typical way--it seems to be more a hybrid between a forward and redirect: the forwarded email still shows the original sender of the message, but is delivered to "undisclosed recipients."

    What I want the system to do it to literally FORWARD the email, so that when it's received, it's showing that it was sent BY the Zimbra user TO the forwarded user, and then have the original message header info (to, from, date, etc.) and message contents below.

    I know with Exchange 2007 rules you can specify either forward or redirect, and forward does what I'm looking for, whereas redirect is similar to what Zimbra is doing now.

    Is there someway to accomplish what I need?

    Many thanks!


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    Default Same issue...


    I am trying to solve the same issue. Did you ever figure out how to do a true automatic forward, rather than redirect?


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