I have encountered a nasty problem which still keeps out my Zimbra installation out of net stream. Zimbra launches its own copy of Apache which takes ports 80 (http) and 443 (http SSL). However, I cannot move our company web scripts into Zimbra's Apache because we have our own custom installation on the same SuSE 10 box.

So, I took the shortest route and tried to change Zimbra's Apache ports 80 to 81 and 443 to 444 respectively using this script:


After applying configuration and starting services again Zimbra's Apache still listening port 80. I have manually edited httpd.cong, no effect anyway.

So I digged forums and found this:

For anyone else who runs into this, what I did was edit:
<param-value>80, 443, 7070, 7443</param-value>
To read:
HTML Code:
<param-value>80, 443, 7070, 7443, 8888</param-value>

As a followup, it seems this is no longer true.
Well, it is, but it no longer works this way :-)
Any changes you make to web.xml are now overwritten when Zimbra starts up. You can make those same changes in this file:
And that will solve this problem.

So, what is the proper way to instruct Zimbra's Apache to run for example on port 8080 for http and port 8081 for http SSL?

Of course, I can edit my firewall rules to swap ports, but this is rather awkward solution. I think, it would be better to change Zimbra's Apache behaviour.

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS. Please add this topic to the admin manual, or at least, wiki/faq site.