I've been noticing post Apple updates that Safari 3.2 and 3.2.1 won't finish loading the AJAX (default) Web GUI on ZCS 5.0.9/5.0.10.

When you log in, and get the "loading" splash, the browser finishes loading things, and stays at the splash screen. Hitting Safari's reload button doesn't help, but hitting the "HTML client" link in the splash, and then clicking the "Advanced Client" link once that is loaded seems to work.

I am noticing this on a personal Zimbra instance being hosted for me, which I think is either 5.0.9 or 5.0.10 (waiting for the admin to confirm), but we're going to be updating to 5.0.11 here at work, and I wanted to head off any chance that our predominantly Mac/Safari end-users will start having a bad experience with the update.

Safari isn't having any failed items. According to the Activity window, everything is loading properly. Turning off "Block Pop-up Windows" doesn't change the behavior.