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    Default [SOLVED using Apache mod_proxy] Tomcat personnal php webapp


    I want to install a personnal webapp wrote in php4 in the tomcat installed by zimbra.
    I have succesfully compiled php4 with java and servlet and moved the two resulting files in /opt/zimbra/tomcat/common/libs,
    I ve also added support for php in /opt/zimbra/tomcat/conf/web.xml.
    My problem is that i need a place to put my php file but I dont really know tomcat and I m getting an error that I have searched
    on google and it says that my file are badly place (java did not find the php file when it tries to open it).

    I have searched on the zimbra forum and I am currently searching again on zimbra and google but if you have a fast and easy answer/solution I really appreciate it.
    (Or if you can point me to the right topic.)

    When I find a good solution, I will post it here.
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