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Thread: [SOLVED] auto responder

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    Default [SOLVED] auto responder

    Hi again.

    I configured an autoresponse for a user who went for vacation.
    But te messages where never sent. The user has this option enabled by cos and the message was configured from her webmail.

    I sent her a test message and then checked the logs and the only ting I can see is my mail directed to her but no mail directed to me by her or anyone.
    It's not catalogued as spam either since the log does not show anyting and my spam folder is empty.

    I'm using zcs-5.0.11

    What can be the problem.


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    May be a bug??

    I had specified start date and stop date for the autoresponse message.

    I cleared those fields and it started to send the autoresponse messages.

    the format of the date was
    start 02/12/2008 (dd/mm/yyyy)

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