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Thread: Web UI Prefrences/Accounts/IMAP - won't auto update

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    Default Web UI Prefrences/Accounts/IMAP - won't auto update


    I'm glad say that I'm in the end of configuring and testing most of the aspects of Zimbra Network Edition 5.11.

    I'm so impressed by this system! Zimbra is the best!!! Ive been able to start from scratch using VMWare ESXi 3.5 server to about 70% customer ready single handedly very fast. I still have 47 days on my trial account!

    I just have to tell someone how thankful I am for this fantastic solution

    Anyway, do you know haw I can get an MS Exchange account to automatically update its content when using IMAP as the protocol? The content will not update in any other way than by clicking "Get External Mail" button from within the web UI.
    This is a problem, because when I use a Windows Mobile Phone through Active Sync ore when I use a Outlook client software, the content of the account newer gets updated.


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    Please help!

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