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Thread: [SOLVED] Briefcase and Documents URL Issues

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    Default [SOLVED] Briefcase and Documents URL Issues

    --I am cross posting this in the Administrators section from the Users section as I am looking for help--

    I have found my briefcase problem. Maybe others are having the same issue. Any help is appreciated. Here it is:

    *Keep in mind that in my examples I'm using the public view URL, but they are all broken, even when I'm logged in to an account. The only thing I can do is upload to and see the list view of the briefcase.

    I paste in the public view URL in FF3 or Opera9, etc:

    It used to say error 404 not found. What I did not realize was that the URL was different than what I had pasted in. The /home was stripped, see below:

    I seemed to have fixed it now so now I can see at least see the contents of the briefcase. However, when I click on an item to view it the /home is stripped and I get the error 404 not found.

    When I add the /home to the URL manually the item opens up fine. The URL that appears when I mouse over a briefcase item is correct, but when it actually is clicked as previously stated, the URL is missing the /home

    The same thing is happening with the Documents.

    Why is this happening?

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    See this link for what solved this problem for me:

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