Dear Zimbra Admins/Developers!

I have a problem with restoring a mailbox. I'm using the following:

Zimbra version--> 5.0.9_GA_2533.UBUNTU6.NETWORK 14. Aug 2008
Ubuntu version--> 2.6.15-51-server


The problem is that when I want to restore the mailbox to the date 23 September 08 the mails start by the date 25 September and contains mails up to today. Of course they could be dropping in (the ones from today) but the main problem is that it doesn't even restore up to the point of the 23rd but after it till today. I have a full backup of the 22nd and incrementals after that. What can I try to test the restores ? I have checked the dates on the unix system and they are accurate. My feeling tells me that for some reason Zimbra is getting the wrong sessions. I am using the admin interface to restore as I have the ZCS Edition. Any help would be greatly appreciated!