Version: ZCS 5.0.9
We have an extensive persona system for some of our more complicated users.
I have one client that has some 8 persona's and 6 different signatures. I am not sure this is one issue or many so I will present them as separate.

1. When they attempt to use them the address that ends up passing to the recipient is the default account name rather than the email address associated with the persona or the email address in the Primary account list.
For instance the account id is account@accountdomain.dom
The user (Bob) has the alias (bob@accountdomain.dom) by an administrator to his account. Bob then changes his default email address to bob@accountdomain.dom and hits save. The next time bob sends an email from his account using the Primary persona, the recipient sees the email as coming from Bob <account@accountdomain.dom>. No changing of this will produce different results.

2. After setting up 3 signatures, one for family (Family) one for co workers (Work) and one for crazy people (Crazy) Bob is writing an email and realizes that he is sending to his family. He uses the signature option to select "Crazy" and nothing shows up. In the initial email the default signature shows the actual signature but also two more lines listing the names of the other two signatures. Even deleting the original signature and selecting a new one or assigning a signature to a persona fails to utilize this persona.

I would greatly appreciate any direction to resolve these anyone may have.

Thank you for your time.
Hesperant Ieger