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    Default Appointments behavior

    Recently one of our users has begun receiving appointment requests from an external user (no idea what their calendaring client is). No complaints there: the appointment is added to the user's calendar as expected.

    The unexpected part is the appointment being added to the calendar of our pseudo-catchall address. I say "pseudo" because rather than configuring postfix to dump a copy of all incoming mails into a single account, we've added a hidden bcc to all accounts that forwards a copy to the catchall.

    So is this the expected behavior? Should events be added to an account's calendar on receipt, even if it wasn't originally addressed to that account (i.e. not in the Attendees list)? I don't know whether to consider this a bug or just a misconfiguration.

    On a side note: since calendar appointments appear to be email messages with special information in them, is there a way to do a "View Original" on appointments to see the header information?

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    They are added even when not directly addressed because you might be part of a dist list etc, you could open an RFE to restrict it to your account/aliases only if you think it's needed.

    For now, open the account your bcc'ing to, then go to preferences > calendar > "allow these users to invite me to meetings" and enter just it's own email address (there's a bug on it being blank - where empty allows all instead of none: Bug 32826 - Need option to set disallow these users to send me an invite

    This was added in 5.0.7+: Bug 22913 - Access control for free busy and resources (permission to invite) (Branch/ZimbraServer/docs/accesscontrol.txt)

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    Thanks for the info, I'll consider it expected behavior.

    Looking at the "allow these users to invite me to meetings" field: the description doesn't specify a delimiter. Though it's not an issue for me, I can see this causing problems for users that wouldn't know whether to use a comma, semi-colon, space, etc. to list multiple addresses.

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