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Thread: [SOLVED] how to export account details ?

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    I get following error when I run above script.

    expr: syntax error
    expr: syntax error
    ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account: #)
    ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_ACCOUNT (no such account: #)

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    Default all domains account details

    Sorry about this "topic ressurection", but I faced the same demand and a cleaner(and way faster) solution would be:

    echo "account,mailquota,quotaused" > /tmp/accounts_status.csv
    zmprov gqu localhost | tr " " "," | sort | while read ACCOUNT
            echo $ACCOUNT 
    done >> /tmp/accounts_status.csv
    And i added the echo thing inside the loop, cause i'll make calculations(in near future) with the column values .
    To avoid overkill on "rm" command, truncate the file during the header creation (echo "account,mailquota,quotaused" > /tmp/contas.csv)


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    Hi I also need this type of reporting and it is working well for me although I would like to total up the quota for each domain.
    If anyone has any idea how this would be done it would be of great help as it's been troubling me for a few weeks now.

    just to be clear I want a total quota usage of a domain or per account but a way to total it all up at the end.

    Many Thanks,


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