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Thread: deleting a specific e-mail from all accounts

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    Default deleting a specific e-mail from all accounts

    If a user accidentally sends a confidential/sensitive e-mail to the whole company, then asks the e-mail administrator if they can delete this e-mail from everyone's account, is there an answer other than "no" when the e-mail system in question is ZCS NE 5.0.10?

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    Yes there is, but most of them revolve around various more colourful ways to say 'no'.

    There's yes's too though.

    You could use the admin console to login to everyone elses email manually and locate the message and delete it. This would also let you know who had already read the message, and you could see if they'd forwarded it on to anyone else.

    It should also be possible to discover the message ID of the mail and then use a script to locate that message in all accounts and remove it, but be prepared to answer questions anlong the lines of 'where did that mail go, I was just reading it and it disappeared'

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    This thread and the links within it might help you

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