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Thread: check how many total email account in ZCS?

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    Default check how many total email account in ZCS?

    Dear All,

    We have one customer who's running 5.0.9 Open source edition to host their > 20000 users now. Sometimes the admin would need to give update to others how many total email accounts they have right now. However, after ZCS creates a specific number (maybe > 10000??, not sure), the web admin UI will not be able to display the total users, and just show :
    The number of results to be displayed is over the limit. Please use search to refine the results.
    and I've checked almost the whole admin UI and can't find any information for how many total email accounts in this system currently.

    I know that from "zmprov gaa | wc" probably would help, but just wonder if there's any way to find out the total accounts from Admin UI?


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    In the Admin UI, check under "Global Settings". Under the "License" tab, it should show the accounts limit and how many have been used.

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