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Thread: Moving from Self-Cert to Commerical Cert(s)

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    Default Moving from Self-Cert to Commerical Cert(s)

    Being new to the SSL cert world I was hoping to get some advice/info. Been reading alot on the forum/wiki, but it's all kinda "disconnected" in my head and I'm hoping with some help I can pull it all together and feel comfortable moving forward


    Currently using self-signed cert (for ex.), which is singly listed in the "Certificates" section of the admin console. I want to get a standard godaddy comm cert based on the same FQDN... so when I generate the CSR for the FQDN and then later chose to install that new comm cert via the admin wizard, will it replace the current one (since its for the same server/domain), and on zimbra restart use that new cert for web access as well as all inter-proceess communication. Or does it continue to use the self-cert for inter-process and the new cert for web/imap access.


    If I have several clients who would like to access zimbra with thier own domain name... like,, etc.... Can I install a certificate for each of those domains for web/imap access. And how does Zimbra use/mange those certs internally, or does it?

    I just don't want to "break" anything as I go forward...


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    Any help? Anybody using multiple commerical certs for web access? And is it as easy as replacing the current self-signed cert with a comm cert of the same "name" w/o breaking anything?


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