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Thread: Mail queue management not working

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    Default Mail queue management not working

    Dear Listmembers!

    I have a ZCS 5.0.11 GA installed to a centos 5.2 32 bit system. The system is working good, i can sending and receiving emails,no error messages no warning messages, but the mail queues always shown 0 deferred 0 incoming 0 held and 0 corrupt number of the queued mails.

    I changed the sshd port is to 83 but i change the system to this.
    I tested the ssh, and i try step-by-step the zimbra mail queue troubleshooting wiki page.
    I no found errors in logfiles, not display errors, and the server statistic is working good.

    In the system the selinux state is disabled, the iptables is allow the port 83.
    Have anyone any idea for this reason?


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    Welcome to the forums

    What makes you believe that there is a error because the queue are zero ? Mine are always zero as Postfix manages them just fine. Have you checked the queues manually ?

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