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Thread: Can't "View Mail" on resources in the admin console

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    Default Can't "View Mail" on resources in the admin console

    Hi All,

    Upgraded to 5.0.11 (from 5.0.6) on the weekend. Noticing a strange occurance. Previously in the admin console i was able to "View Mail" on some accounts we have under the "Resources" tab. It opened another tab, logged into the account as it should. Since the upgrade though, when I click on "View Mail" in Resources, it just opens another tab of the admin console again.

    "Viewing Mail" on regular Accounts (under the "Accounts" tab) works fine, and previous to the upgrade the resources tab functioned the same way.

    Does this make sense to anyone? Any way to fix this?

    Thanks for any replies

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    Bug 32120 - view mail on alias or location or resource opens admin console
    -View mail on Alias is fixed for 5.0.11
    -View mail on Location/Resource should be fixed for 5.0.12

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    thank you I searched bugs but I guess my searching sucks as I didn't find that one. Seems to be a known issue hopefully it gets fixed up soon.

    Thanks again

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    Default found a workaround for this

    I know this is an old thread but if anyone is still on 5.0.11 and affected by this just

    create an alias for the resource and View Mail works on its Alias

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