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Thread: question about GAL display

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    Default question about GAL display

    Dear All,

    In my testing environment, there's total > 30000 accounts. There's one "Most results returned by GAL search:" in Domain configuration, and I've changed it into 50 for testing, after that, I try to compose an email and pick recipients from "To:" button, it does show 50 recipients in one page, however, the "Next Page" button is in grey, I can't pick other recipients except these 50 emails.

    any comment on this?


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    Vote for bug 14531:

    Bug 21121 - when gal search returns >100 results, pagination should be enabled
    ------- Comment #2 Parag Shah 2007-11-12 -------
    This is a server limitation. Paging GAL results is *not* supported.
    ------- Comment #3 Roland Schemers 2007-11-12 -------
    If this is a GAL search then there isn't much we can do at this point. There is a "big GAL rewrite" bug that will add paging/sorting/syncing to the GAL.

    Bug 29654 - "Previous - Next" buttons grayed out in contact picker in 'Select Address' Window
    ------- Comment #6 Parag Shah 2008-11-10 -------
    SearchGalRequest does not support paging.
    ------- Comment #7 Roland Schemers 2008-11-10 -------
    This could be dup'd as part of the gal-rewrite bug that will allow sorting/paging of the GAL.

    Bug 5989 - making the GAL browsable - browse >>> Bug 14531 - GAL via contacts folders with sorting, browsing and real sync

    -Must be something about GAL requests in November...
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