I own a counseling office and have installed Zimbra mainly for the calendar. I have an office intake coordinator. When I created a counselor account, let's say for Mark, and share Marks' Calendar at the "Manager" level, with my intake coordinator, she can access Marks calendar, can add client sessions, but the "Tag" option is grayed out. Is there any way I can make the Tags available to my intake coordinator while she's in Mark's calendar?

I took the 7 tags and gave each a label such as "Personal, Training, Live Session, Intake, Marketing, Supervision, Phone Counseling/Coaching. The ability to label each session by theme is extremely valuable. If Tagging is unavailable to someone who you've shared your calendar with, can this be fixed or do you know of another option to identify calendar events so we know the theme?

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas,


Dave Turo-Shields