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    Default Editing question

    Does it matter where I put blacklist options in the file? The file currently looks like this:

    # rewrite_header Subject *****SPAM*****
    # report_safe 1
    # trusted_networks 212.17.35.
    # lock_method flock
    header DSPAM_SPAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /^Spam$/
    describe DSPAM_SPAM DSPAM claims it is spam
    score DSPAM_SPAM 1.5
    header DSPAM_HAM X-DSPAM-Result =~ /^Innocent$/
    describe DSPAM_HAM DSPAM claims it is ham
    score DSPAM_HAM -0.5
    %%uncomment VAR:zimbraMtaMyNetworks%%trusted_networks %%zimbraMtaMyNetworks%%
    %%uncomment VAR:zimbraMtaAntiSpamLockMethod%%lock_method %%zimbraMtaAntiSpamLockMethod%%
    rewrite_header Subject *SPAM* _STARS(*)_
    bayes_auto_learn 1
    bayes_min_spam_num 60
    bayes_min_ham_num 60
    add_header spam Flag _YESNOCAPS_
    add_header all Status _YESNO_, score=_SCORE_ required=_REQD_ tests=_TESTS_ autolearn=_AUTOLEARN_ version=_VERSION_
    add_header all Level _STARS(*)_
    add_header all Checker-Version SpamAssassin _VERSION_ (_SUBVERSION_) on _HOSTNAME_
    If I want to add some "blacklist_from" items, where should I put them in? I'd done this before, but we've upgraded our Zimbra version and I just don't recall now.

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    Any help out there?

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