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Thread: Questionare regarding Zimbra MTA

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    Default Questionare regarding Zimbra MTA

    Hi Alll,

    I have some questions regarding zimbra

    1.. Can we a generic MAX number of connections for all domains
    2.. Can we specify a MAX number of connection to
    3.. Can we specify that MAX x number of connections be made open to per minute (RATE)
    4.. How many emails will go in ONE connection? (Is it 1 or will it send
    more.without breaking the connection)
    5.. Can we control the number of emails that will go in ONE connection.
    6.. How many emails will go in one minute if ONLY ONE connection is allowed to
    7.. Will it pass ALL the test
    8.. Can we define MAX number of connections to a domain (any domain=4) but in
    theory should be able to open to as many domains as needed. (So for 30 domains it
    will have 120 connections)
    9.. Can email bounce to two email IDs
    10.. Can Zimbra negotiate max number of connections with a domain


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    zimbra mta uses postfix, so if postfix can do these things then you should be able to configure it on zimbra to do it. i'd hit the postfix documentation for your answers theres ton of it on the net

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