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Thread: AutoReply for Messages fetched by POP3?

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    Default AutoReply for Messages fetched by POP3?


    following problem. I have an Account set up with an autoreply and another (external) account which should be fetched regulary.

    - If I send a mail to user@myzimbradomain autoreply works.
    - If I send a mail to user@externaldomain while externaldomains accounts fetching is set up via webinterface it does not work.
    - If I send a mail to user@externaldomain while externaldomains account is fetched by an additional fetchmail installation it does not work.

    I watched zimbra.log - zimbra does not even try to send a mail.

    ... why?

    Thank you for your help

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    Did you ever solve this? I am having same problem.

    I also see this in the mailboxd.log:

    2009-04-08 23:20:56,217 INFO [LmtpServer-270] [;mid=6;] mailbox - outofoffice not sent (not direct) mid=284 rcpt='' dest=' .com'

    I think this is causing the problem:

    My external test account does not match the or any aliases for the account I am testing with. I think this may work with my real accounts that fetchmail picks up as they are addressed to a valid name that exists as an alias. Will have to just try and see.
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    Zimbra 6.0.3
    CentOS 5.3

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