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Thread: large email data (> 7TB)

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    Default large email data (> 7TB)

    Dear All,

    one of our customers (a university) is planning a new email server and according to the plan, their total email data will be approximate > 7T.

    does anyone have any advice if the default NE backup mechanism can afford this size of mail data? Or if there's any other alternative, e.g. third party backup solutions from Veritas or ...?

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    7 terrabytes sure is a good chunk of data (I've edited the thread title for clarity)

    The backup routing will cope with that but it will take a while! There are ways to improve the time spent backing up by using the 'auto group' method, which to be honest I dont know too much about right now but it seems to allow for sections of the server to be backed up sequentially, allowing each backup to complete in a reasonable amount of time.

    If you are backing up for fault tolerence, then I would suggest a mirrored raid, either in the same array or via iSCSI, or some SAN designed for these loads.

    If you need to backup inorder to do 'point in time' restores, then the amount of storage needed is going to get very large very quickly.

    My advice would be handle the fault tolerance outside of zimbra somehow.

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