I'm thinking of upgrading a current mail server to use Zimbra and have a couple of questions I hope you don't mind answering !?

I own the following domains ...


As long as all these domains point to my server and I have DNS setup properly using BIND9, can Zimbra handle all the incoming mail or is it restricted to a single domain !?

If it can, can it handle mail for the same user at different domains !? ie
mic@ubumail.com would be a different person than mic@ubumail.co.uk and therefore would require seperate inbox's ... is this possible !?

Finally, from what I've seen, it is possible to connect to Zimbra from any IMAP client. Am I correct in thinking this !? The reason I ask is we currently use squirrelmail on the existing mail server, and I would prefer to stick to that for the time being until all the behind the scenes work is complete so the users have as little disruption as possible, introducing the Zimbra webmail client at a later stage !?

Also, what's the largest number of users the suite can handle !?

Hope you don't mind me asking so many question


Mic Pringle