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Thread: Zimbra 5.x and the SSL/TSL Certificate

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    Default Zimbra 5.x and the SSL/TSL Certificate

    Hey all, newb on deck- I have a multi-parter...

    First, I've done some nosing around the net to find any USEFUL resource that can explain the relevance of the SSL/TSL Certificate 'Self-generated vs. External' (verisign, thawte, startcom, etc). If anyone knows of an educational piece on this I would be grateful. I'm really only interested in SSL/TSL as it applies to email and what's required by the IMAP-related entries in the RFC's. To further refine, what Zimbra works best with.

    Second, I've already started a relationship with Startcom. They are an Israeli ISP that makes their own linux distro and gives away freebie SSL/TSL certificates.

    a) why would anyone want to get a certificate from an outside source when they could gen one of their own?

    b) what's the effective difference in getting one from Startcom as opposed to a Verisign? (besides a comfort level) and

    c) are there SSL/TSL Certs that Zimbra has a problem with? I noticed that there were no results returned when I entered Startcom into the search field. I'm wondering if I'm so new at this that Startcom is taking me for a ride and everyone else is smart enough not to deal with them. I can't imagine I'm the first one to stumble on them?!?!

    If there's a better place for this let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

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