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Thread: [SOLVED] Logo Madness (Network Edition)

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    Question [SOLVED] Logo Madness (Network Edition)

    We just upgraded to 5.0.11
    Unlike in previous upgrades, when we've configured our "branded" logo successfully, NOTHING seems to be working now (in the re-branding department)

    I've gone over the instructions 5 or six times and checked the details in our installation as well but only the logo URL (to our homepage) is working. The default Zimbra logos are also gone because I overwrote them thinking it wouldn't matter. So we are left with this:
    Zimbra Collaboration Suite Log In (the small logo that shows up after login is also gone)

    Has anything changed in 5.0.11 that would cause this issue?

    Needless to say, this makes the IT dept. here feel very foolish.

    Any ideas from anyone would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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