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Thread: Multiple Domains to One Server

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    Default Multiple Domains to One Server

    I want to have more than one domain send mail to the same Zimbra mail server that is configured with one public IP address.

    Can I have two domains point to the same Zimbra mail server configured for both the domains? See Example below:

    Domain #1: mx 10, A Record =
    Domain #2: mx 10, A Record =

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    Yup you can.
    1) Create the A record for > IP (Don't forget to set/test internal & external lookups if your behind a NAT.)
    2) Create the MX record for >
    3) Create the domain in Zimbra. (CLI is zmprov cd


    A) Set a zimbraPublicServiceHostname used in REST URLs, ie: briefcase, document, calendar sharing etc.
    Say it's generating a URL like http:// and you'd rather have it http://
    zmprov md zimbraPublicServiceHostname
    In 5.0.9+ REST URL's are composed of 3 attributes: zimbraPublicService[Protocol + Hostname + Port] to avoid dependency on zimbraServer objects

    B) To minimize browser warnings, might add subjectAltNames if it applies to you: Administration Console and CLI Certificate Tools - Zimbra :: Wiki

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