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Thread: External Mail Collection Problems

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    Default External Mail Collection Problems

    We are running ZCS 5.0.10 Network Edition on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. We are hosting a lot of users who have other external accounts on gmail and Yahoo. We primarily use Zimbra to collect external emails and deliver these emails to their mobile devices.

    The problem is that ZCS does not seem to be consistent in automatically collecting these external emails using POP3 or IMAP. The eternal emails are set up correctly by somehow extarnal emails are only delivered when one clicks on the GET MAIL button. This defeats the purpose for some of the mobile users who hardly ever login to collect or read their emails.

    Is there a way of ensuring that ZCS collects these emails automatically and more aggressively? How often does ZCS check and collect these external mails? There seems to be no setting for this in the ZCS admin console.

    Anyone who has experienced this and who can help?

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    Here my polling Intervals. Someone advise if they are ok!!

    zimbra@mail:~$ zmprov gc default | grep Polling
    zimbraDataSourceMinPollingInterval: 1m
    zimbraDataSourcePollingInterval: 60
    zimbraFeatureMailPollingIntervalPreferenceEnabled: TRUE
    zimbraMailMinPollingInterval: 2m
    zimbraPrefMailPollingInterval: 5m

    All looks ok but still Zimbra won't pick up POP3 emails from the external accounts! I am stuck

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