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Thread: Custom reports?

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    Default Custom reports?

    Is there a tool for customising the reports?

    Management wants some reports which aren't in the standard zimbra report (you know, mostly by-user or by-section reports)

    I guess I can either grab the postfix log files and massage them through some perl/awk and then feed it to lire or some other postfix log analyzer or I can try to get the data from the mysql database and then feed it to pentaho.

    Has anyone tried this? any advice will be apreciated.

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    Default Postfix logfile analyzer

    I have exactly the same request:

    Looking around what logfile analyzer might fit to my needs (easy to use, detailed report, result on demand) I decided to go with Anteater.

    Unfortunately I discovered the following issues which make it impossible to use either this or any other software:

    • logfile structure does not fit to a standard postfix logfile structure (message ID is 11 chars instead of 10, etc...)
    • aliases are looked up from LDAP (no static 'aliases' exists)

    I also would appreciate any help being given to fulfill the task!

    Nice would be to get the following report details:
    • sent/received mails (count/volume) by user
    • select timeframe
    • received mail (count/volume) by group

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