Hi everyone

I've been keeping an eye on Zimbra for a couple of years now, and have been watching it grow and grow. I'll be looking to get rid of SBS 2003 Exchange at some point this year. Looks like ZCS v6 will be the kicker for us as there's a few essential features coming in there.

Here's my question...
We have a custom MySQL/PHP intranet database system running on a different server. There's a few zimlets I've been thinking about which will provide some cool integration with Zimbra.

But I'm looking to try and go the other way, integrate our intranet DB with Zimbra.

At the moment in Exchange we have an extensive tree of Public Folders (one per customer/client) which we will be replicating in Zimbra using a shared folders.

Is there a way that I can have a link to a client's shared mail folder from their intranet DB page?
In our intranet DB we would store their shared folder name, but then is there a URL format I can construct to take an authorised Zimbra user straight to that shared mail folder?
Like http://mail.domain.com/zimbra/SharedFolders/ABC/Bob's Widget Co/ or something like that?

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks, B