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Thread: Distribution List Syncing

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    Default Distribution List Syncing

    I found a script on the migration wiki to import a huge amount of distribution lists. The issue I have is that the lists will have people that will need to be removed from it since each list is a list of students in a class.

    So if a Student on a math list and drops math, they need to get removed the next morning. Currently we are able to do this with the alias file. We have a new file generated every morning using data from our ERP system.

    My only idea is to remove all the list every morning and generate new ones with the perl script that I found on the wiki.

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    yeah that sounds like the best plan given the fact that the complete list is generated daily. you can add/remove individual entries in a distribution list as well but that would require 2 separate lists of "drops" and "adds" i guess. if you wanted to be fancy you could probably write a script that would generate a list of the distribution list members and compare it with the list from ERP and add/remove users based on that. but the lazy man's approach that i would probably go for would be to blow the list out and recreate it from hte ERP report daily.

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