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Thread: Hyperic HQ monitor and Zimbra

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    Default Hyperic HQ monitor and Zimbra

    I've installed Hyperic HQ to monitor Zimbra, but I can't get any usefull information...

    I'm using Hyperic 4 and Zimbra 5. The agent detects Zimbra services (MTA, MySQL, LDAP, Jetty, etc), but doesn't send any metrics.

    For MySQL service, I cannot get any information at all (service will be disabled in Hyperic), because I'm running Hyperic as hyperic user and cannot access the mysql server (even if I create a user for hyperic in MySQL)...

    For Zimbra I onlye get metrics on CPU usage (always 0!) and memory usage (works fine).

    Hyperic should provide much more metrics than this:
    Zimbra - Confluence

    Any experiences of Hyperic and Zimbra?

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    You will probably find that MySQL is bound to the loopback address and hence unable to access it from another server. There are a lot of metrics help in the MySQL database especially around MTA and Amavis statistics. If you log onto your ZCS server and look at
    su - zimbra
    use zimbra_logger;
    show tables;
    and then describe some of the tables. If you open up SSL to your Hyperion server you should be able to generate some queries for these. You could then monitor whether your defered queue etc is building up.

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