Hi Gang,

I apologize, but after searching and coming up a bit light (and being a ZimNewbie), I need info for sizing new server farm (especially given the new release!).

The existing posts from last year reference setups on single core, dual processor servers w/ 2Gb RAM and > 80Gb RAID 0+1 storage, but really don't give expected throughput or account load figures to go with that configuration.

Can anyone give me an idea of the hardware requirements for say a 1000 user system w/ 500Mb avg mailbox, and 50 Message units/day? I should be able to scale from there.

As an alternative, is there a recommended load testing tool we might use to stress the system? We have a Single Processor, Dual Core Opteron system, w/ 4Gb RAM and 600Gb SATAII RAID array set to test, but we need stress info early.